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Parking Lot Paving in Oklahoma City

Parking lots go through a great deal of wear and tear. Heavy vehicles constantly moving back and forth across the surface, changing weather conditions and car exhaust take their toll. Eventually you will have to have it repaved so that the lot looks cared for and safe.

When you need a helping hand contact Asphalt Paving Co. We have 45 years of experience working in a variety of asphalt construction and maintenance projects. With our expertise, you will surely get the end result you are looking for.

New Construction

Are you looking to create a new parking lot in or around Oklahoma City? It can be a great investment to make money or to entice more customers to your store. Perhaps your company has grown and you need more space for employees, since it can take a long time to find a free parking spot on the street, which often leads to lateness. Whatever your reasons, Asphalt Paving Co is here to make it happen. Our team has been creating perfect parking lots since 1972. You will be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and dedicated team to help you with your project.

Contact us for a free consultation on parking lot construction and on how we can create one with your budget in mind.

Maintenance Services

Asphalt Paving Co not only constructs parking lots, but we also have an array of maintenance services. If your parking lot is in disrepair or could use a facelift, give us a call.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Service

If asphalt receives enough damage then it will have to be torn up and replaced section by section. The parking lot owners of Oklahoma City can prevent this from happening by protecting the surface from damage. Sealcoating reduces oxidation from the sun which undermines the asphalt’s ability to expand and contract with temperature changes. This creates cracks and fissures. It also acts as a protective layer against the corrosive properties of car exhaust and oil.

Our team has researched the best sealcoating available to the people of Oklahoma City and do not rush jobs. For a sealcoating to be effective it requires the proper time to seep into the asphalt and form the bonds it needs to do its job. That is why we work around your schedule, to get the job done right.

Repair Service (Potholes and Cracks)

Cracks and potholes can end up being a significant expense. Besides making the lot look run-down, it has the potential to damage cars and thus, your business. We can make repairs to any part of your lot, with minimal downtime.

Striping Service:

Perhaps all you need are some new lines put down because customers have been parking all over the place. We have the equipment to quickly stripe your lot so that everyone knows where to go.

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If you live in or around Oklahoma City and are looking for a professional and experienced team of asphalt technicians, you have come to the right site. Call us for a consultation. 

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions about our paving services, please give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!