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Oklahoma City Driveway Paving Contractors

Asphalt Paving Co is Oklahoma City's go-to local, driveway paving company for a reason. We get the job done right and on time, every time. If you are planning a driveway or parking lot replacement, resurfacing, extension, border or new drive way installation, we are your premiere source for upfront value pricing and long lasting asphalt solutions.

From crack repairs, chip sealing, pot hole resolution, and line marking to meticulous surface preparation and time management skills, our team of asphalt and paving pros add value and increased curb appeal to your property.

Connect with us via email or telephone for a free estimate and more information on how we can keep your commercial or residential driveway installation or repair on budget and on schedule.

The Cost of Paving your Residential Driveway

A poorly installed asphalt surface can lead to numerous repairs, extra costs and maintenance that can be avoided by working with bonded, licensed and experienced professionals. At Asphalt Paving Co, we have built our reputation around delivering cost effective paving excellence on a wide variety of customized driving terrains, patios, parking lots and more.

Backed by years of experience working with home and business owners in Oklahoma City, we have the accreditations, training, advanced paving equipment and organization to offer streamlined, durable results and affordable pricing on any sized job.

Reach out today to discuss the details of your upcoming landscape improvement project. Our installation specialists will help you calculate the cost of driveway repairs, surface preparation and sealing and install timelines, to align your exterior improvement budget with your vision.

Commercial Paving

Favourable parking conditions can contribute a lot to the overall success of your business. Usher your customers onto your property and through your doors on asphalt roads, driveways, walkways, patios and paths that are well designed both aesthetically and to withstand the test of time and the elements.

One of the many benefits of working with one of Oklahoma's most reputable paving companies is that you can rely on our teams to show up to get the job done when you need us. We arrive with all of the heavy equipment, machinery, shovels, asphalt and manpower we need to execute a perfect parking-lot surface application, from start to finish. Our impressive turn around times, meticulous project management and depth of experience is what sets us apart from the rest.

Minimal downtime, flawless durability, and longevity are guaranteed, phone us now to book an appointment for a free quote.

The Secret of a Long-Lasting Driveway

If you live or own a business in Oklahoma City then we know that you prefer not to have to re-do your driveway each year. The inconvenience of constant work being done to repair cracks and repour the asphalt isn’t worth it, which is why our company always does everything in our power to make sure that your new driveway is built to last. The asphalt business has its fair share of fly-by-night contractors who can promise the world but deliver a lackluster final product. Rather than getting whisked away by big talk from an unlicensed contractor, the first step to getting a driveway that’s built to last is to contact the asphalt professionals at Asphalt Paving Co.

For years, Oklahoma City home and businesses owners have trusted Asphalt Paving Co. to install quality driveways because we always provide first-rate products and personnel who can apply the most advanced methods to every single resurfacing project. The best part is that you never need to worry about hidden fees or cutting corners because the only thing we take more seriously than our craft is our customer’s satisfaction.

So, a long-lasting driveway begins with a phone to call (405) 209-6350. Once you get our professionals to come assess your driveway’s situation, we will be thinking of the most effective ways to install a driveway that’s built to last. Though they may all look more or less the same, every driveway is unique and each individual job presents itself with unique challenges and circumstances. Knowing that there is no such thing as a blanket solution for all driveway installations is the second part of installing a driveway that’s built to last.

No matter how your property is shaped, we always do whatever we can to make sure there is enough of a slope to make sure water drains away from your driveway. When water is allowed to pool on asphalt, it speeds up the deterioration of the asphalt. When water seeps into cracks, it weakens the soil, worsening the cracks and overall curb appeal of your property.

A proper underlying granular base is essential to a long-lasting laneway. It must have the right thickness and composition, which is difficult to assess if you don’t have much experience in the paving business. Luckily, Asphalt Paving Co.’s experts have plenty of experience working with driveways of all dimensions and we can easily recommend the thickness and composition you will need based on your property’s unique needs.

By installing a proper base and allowing it to settle, we can make sure that the asphalt poured will keep its structural integrity for many years to come. If you want to take advantage of driveway paving services that can guarantee higher curb appeal and long-lasting construction, contact Asphalt Paving Co. at (405) 209-6350. Our reputation for excellent customer service, quality installation and our myriad of other driveway services has made us the most trusted paving company in Oklahoma City. This is a reputation we are constantly trying to uphold by delivering the best possible products, so find out firsthand why we are consistently the top choice when you call us today.

Common Driveway Problems and How We Can Help

The most common driveway problems in Oklahoma City could have been very easily avoided by proper initial installation by experienced professionals. Issues like chipping, cracking, potholes, precipitation damage, and more, are minimal when proper ground surface preparation is undertaken and asphalt is poured to the correct thickness then sealed effectively.

If your driveway or commercial parking spaces have seen better days, there are several asphalt maintenance services we bring to the table that could revitalize the outside of your home or business.

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